The majority of commercial leases and operating expenses are billed incorrectly. RED’s forensic lease audit team leverage a proven process that greatly exceeds the “standard” lease audit delivery model. To date, our team has audited over 50,000 leases and with a 90% recovery rate, recovered more than $600 million.

Why Audit?

Considerable amounts of time, money, and energy are spent negotiating commercial real estate leases, which contain complex provisions for rents and other expenses. Yet, despite the attention and expertise involved, between 80% and 90% of all commercial leases are billed incorrectly.

Most leases place the burden on the tenant to identify errors, often within very limited time frames. Because most companies don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to do this they simply pay their bills as rendered, leading to overpayments that can recur and compound year after year.

Is There Any Risk?

No. There’s no up front investment of resources or money required for the RED Strategies team to perform a Forensic Lease Audit.

We are compensated out of the savings we achieve. If we are unable to deliver realizable value, there is no charge for our services.  We never contact your landlord without first securing your permission and understanding the nuances your landlord-tenant relationship.  At worst, your lease treatment is fine and you receive peace of mind that your company isn’t overpaying for its commercial space.

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