I hear people talking about working smarter, not harder and I think they have it all wrong. I want to work with people that work smart AND hard. That’s when you find success.

RED Strategies Founder Jon Hamby

RED Strategies leverages over 100 years of collective construction management experience with our Integrated Project Management team, providing unrivaled expertise without the inherent conflicts of interest of in-house project and construction management.
IPM leads the strategic planning process, assessing all components of the project, coordinating and competitively bidding all plans, permits, construction, cabling, furniture/equipment, and relocation services.

It is widely known that construction costs can make or break a commercial real estate transaction. RED’s team has a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of construction, utilizing former general contractors, engineers, and project managers to ensure that costs are controlled. This creates savings that immediately translate to our clients’ bottom line without bias.

More than just the typical middleman, RED Strategies remains focused on each client’s ultimate goals by managing the minor details flawlessly.

Tenant and Buyer Representation
Forensic Lease Audit
Space Programming
Active Lease Monitoring

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